The story behind 3D Orthotics.

The foundation for 3D Orthotics™ is quite simple: To provide the most effective, comfortable and accurate orthotics.

We know how beneficial orthotics can be for rectifying certain conditions and therefore know that orthotics are an excellent solution for treating many conditions. After years of seeing patients enjoy the benefits of orthotics we noticed many common problems. Most of these problems related to the inherent lack of flexibility in the orthotic development process. Often patients feel uncomfortable with their new orthotics. They never really match the foot perfectly.

While there's been many advances in the process there's still a distinct lack of control in the process. Using plaster casts results in too much guess work and poor fitting of orthotics. These inadequacies are then compounded through the choice of manufacturing methods used to construct the orthotics. With the various steps in the mostly manual process there are too many avenues for discrepancies to creep in.

We've taken this as a challenge and decided to go back to first principles and solve the problem from the ground up. Working with engineers from a wide variety of backgrounds ensures that we have the best possible solution to this problem. With the fundamental requirements specified by our podiatrists, our engineers set to task solving the problem at hand. The less they knew about the current processes the better.


Engineers being engineers leveraged their knowledge banks and have built a sleek, efficient and unrivaled process for developing the perfect orthotic. This new process incorporates the latest in computer processing, some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing technologies and of course a spectacular solution to the original problem based on decades of engineering experience.

This new orthotic development process ensures that issues from the previous process have been reduced or negated completely. Patients now receive a 100% unique orthotic that is perfectly suited to their foot. This has reduced wear in times dramatically and in many cases has removed the need for wear-in periods at all. The process allows for unprecedented levels of customization of the orthotic. Which means that patients can now choose their shoes first and their orthotics second, while still receiving the full range of health and well-being benefits that orthotics provide.

From a simple idea came a high-tech, modern process, a completely new way of looking at orthotics and most importantly of all the perfect fitting orthotic.