Become a 3D Orthotics partner.

3D Orthotics laboratory service allows you to efficiently and easily prescribe, fit and dispatch orthotics.

Becoming a 3D Orthotics partner is more than just a supply agreement. 3D Orthotics is about making a difference for the greater good. As a medical practitioner we know that you feel the same way and it's why we've taken a lot of time and energy to build a company that ascribes to these ideals.

The difference with 3D Orthotics:

  • Seamless integration with your current practice processes.
  • Exposure and promotion through our marketing.
  • Geographical exclusivity.
  • Increased patient satisfaction.
  • Decreased patient inconvenience.
  • No mess or clean up.
  • No restrictions on scanners. Use your existing hardware or we can supply you.

As a partner you will become part of a larger community and network, that can bring you many benefits.

Partnership benefits:

  • Geographical exclusivity.
  • Exposure to our local and national marketing and media coverage.
  • Increased patient numbers through brand association.
  • Referrals from our online channels (immediate referrals in some areas).


See how 3D Orthotics can work with you and your clinic.

If you've had enough of poor fitting orthotics for you patients, cleaning up the mess from plaster casting or even the lack of customization that you can get with your current process then we know the feeling. They are some of the key reasons why we wanted to make a better orthotic development process and at the same time improve the end product.

It's now this easy:

  1. High accuracy digital foot scanning. After you've performed the necessary assessments you can now capture the intimate details of your patient's foot with a high accuracy digital scan.
  2. Prescibe and send. With the 3DO cloud you simply submit your prescription and scan and we do the rest.
  3. Customization. Because of our unique processing and manufacturing methods there are virtually no restrictions on customization allowing you to get the right device first time and reducing your manual work.
  4. Manufacturing. We use some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques on the planet to build each device. Through the use of additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) we build a highly accurate, perfectly fitting device.
  5. Delivered. A completed orthotic, built to your exacting requirements is delivered to you. All within 48 hours.

We're now offering free trials. Currently available to Australia, United States, India, Singapore, Philippines and China. If you're in another area please contact us and we can work out an arrangement.

Free trial offer:

  • No obligation.
  • 1 month unlimited trial.
  • Scanner supplied directly to you or you can use your existing scanner.
  • No minimum order quantities.
  • Receive a demo pair of orthotics to trial for yourself.


For a free trial or to find out more:

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Phone (Australia): 1300 039 199

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