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With more people recognizing the importance of good foot care, particularly in our later years, The Retiree magazine has published an article on 3D Orthotics. The article looks at the various conditions, ailments and diseases that orthotics are being used to help treat. From pain relief to posture correction orthotics have many proven applications and are literally becoming the foundation in many healthy lifestyles. The Retiree Magazine is “the ultimate lifestyle publication for those that are retired, semi-retired or approaching retirement and, most importantly, those who believe that life really does begin at 50!“. The magazine is published quarterly and covers everything from travel, gardening, great recipes, health and well-being, finance and plenty of other great articles for the modern retiree. To read more visit and to read the article about 3D Orthotics go to their online eBook at  

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What a great article by about our launch night. “Three weeks ago, Mike introduced 3D Orthotics, an Australian company using 3D printing to make custom, medical-grade insoles. As Mike indicated then, the three young profressionals who have founded the company — Brisbane podiatrist Justin Hogg, robotics engineer Wes McCombe and software engineer Russell Considine — were gearing up to host the official launch party, which took place on 30th January at The Light Space in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, Australia. We’ve since had word from the guys that the event went extremely well, together with some images that back up said word. …” Continue reading the article about 3D Orthotics here  

3D Orthotics launch night a great success.

At the Light Space in Fortitude Valley last Thursday night, three young Australian professionals hosted the world launch of a product set to revolutionize the custom orthotics industry. In what is considered to be a world first, 3D Orthotics combine high accuracy digital foot scanning technology with the most advanced 3D printing technology and specialist podiatrist calibration to produce the most accurate orthotics available in the world today. Described as the three amigos by launch convener Seth Lawrence, Brisbane podiatrist Justin Hogg, robotics engineer Wes McCombe and software engineer Russell Considine, explained that their combined talents provided the necessary technological breakthroughs to bring 3D Orthotics to the market. Amigos they may well be – the friendly chemistry between them was clear as the audience, which included health professionals, scientists, engineers, 3D printing specialists from the U.S.A. and sports people, including elite athletes Mitch Kealey and Alana Boyd, were taken through the fitting and production process. Heads nodded in agreement as Hogg spoke of the small blemishes in today’s orthotics which inevitably occur as a result of plaster moulding techniques which can lead to significant frustration for the wearer. He likened the experience to the irritation we feel when a grain of sand finds its way into our sock. Hogg also detailed the unique differences 3D printing offers compared to milling, multiple intrinsic densities, complex structures and ever evolving material choices. Hogg then explained that this is overcome through the 3D orthotics high accuracy digital foot scanning technology and engineering software which models a computerized prescription for a 100% accurate orthotic. The 3DO process is demonstrated in this animation. The launch promoted the use of 3D printing as a new frontier for high tech manufacturing. It included a small scale demonstration of the latest 3D scanning equipment, a 3D printing demonstration provided by Nick Gates of Sheldon College and a 3DO printed orthotic demonstrated against a 3D printed foot. “3DO offers accuracy in fit that is a real game changer” enthused Olympian and pro triathlete, Mitch Kealey made comment.  He added “I’ve tried all of the current methods for fitting orthotics, plaster cast and heat moulded, but none were quite right.  3D Orthotics is an exciting change to the way orthotics are made.” The audience was told that despite clear product superiority, 3D Orthotics will be available at comparable prices to orthotics currently on the market. 3D Orthotics are now available for the first time in the world at any of 5 locations throughout Brisbane. Appointments can be by telephone on (+61) 1300 039 199, or through online booking here.

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3D Orthotics is proud to announce the inclusion of an article about 3D Orthotics on the worlds biggest 3D printing news website Check it out here. 3Ders is a website dedicated to advancement in 3D printing technology and real world applications. 3D Orthotics is helping to advance the medical applications of 3D printing starting with Podiatric Orthotics. We are pleased to announce the start of a long line of functional medical devices which we are certain will help the lives of many patients looking for a true custom fit for comfort and mobility which these products enable.