Superior technology. Perfect fit.

3D Orthotics.

It’s what we do. Prescribing orthotics takes a great deal of knowledge, experience and insight. Our highly trained podiatrists are dedicated to knowing everything there is to know about lower limb pain and management and that means that you get the best consultation and the best results.

You and your orthotics.

Our unique orthotic development process gives an unrivalled degree of flexibility without loss of integrity. All of which means that we can customize your orthotic to treat your condition, fit-in with your lifestyle and footwear choices, while still providing the optimum corrective measures for you and your feet.

The best technology for the best fit.With computer processing we are able to customize your orthotic to sub-millimeter accuracy which means they feel great. Our range of orthotics provides an extensive list of treatable conditions. Ranging from ultra-accurate diabetic supports, pain-relief from arthritis, plus a raft of other conditions. All of this while keeping within the confines of your preferred footwear.With 3D printing we are able to make as many customization's as required without increasing our manufacturing costs. By embracing this technology our orthotics are 100% made to order every time. There’s no templates, no moulds and no guess-work. It’s all computer controlled and manufactured using our zero-loss workflow.

All orthotics are individually manufactured to your exacting specifications and requirements ensuring that you get the best results.