Superior technology. Perfect fit.

Technology evolves at such a rapid pace it can often leave many industries in its wake.

The process of manufacturing orthotics has been relatively unchanged for many years. There’s been good reason for this too, as it’s generally been very expensive, cumbersome and often illogical to develop orthotics in any other way.

Technological advances.

Given the recent advances in digital scanning technology, computer software and the advancement of manufacturing techniques there is now no reason not to embrace these changes. At 3D Orthotics™ we know that with the right people (who know about all these new technologies) and the right objectives that we can provide a much needed change to the industry. Building a team that included podiatrists, software engineers and manufacturing engineers was always going to be interesting! Fortunately, it was also extremely successful. The result is a superior product.

Watch the animation of the 3DO process.

With our podiatrists driving the requirements for what was needed in every orthotic case we can think of, our engineers were faced with a tough challenge. They embraced this challenge with open arms and ran with it. Through exhaustive testing, thousands of questions (and answers) back and forwards, a few too many coffees and the occasional late night we developed a unique, efficient and patient friendly process.

From beginning to end our unique orthotic development process, SOLM8, utilizes the latest technology that our engineers could find. With digital foot scanning we can capture pin-point accurate models of your feet. These models are then used to develop high-accuracy orthotics that match the contours of your feet to a level unseen before. Using the latest computer software our podiatrists are able to further analyse your feet in our virtual clinic. This added level of analysis allows for all scenarios to be covered, captured and enacted upon. Once the computer processing has been finalized we 3D print your orthotic to such high degrees of accuracy that every contour of your foot can be seen in the orthotic.

Technology is a tool to solve a problem.

A tool is only as good as the problem it solves. With our comfortable, accurate and customized orthotics we think you’ll agree that our technology has solved this problem and your feet will thank you.